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Modern actuators come with a bevy of features for increasing energy-efficiency and control. In this quick brief guide, we discuss points to select the right valve actuators.


Electric valve actuators
Electric valve actuators


Ideal designs for specific applications and versatile designs for multiple applications in electric valve actuators have upped the game in this category. In automation technology, we find distinctive and decentralized solutions in valve actuators, enabling top-notch control through new process controllers and safety features.

The manufacturing and supplying of the latest electric valve actuators do witness a stream of innovation, especially with the ‘smart’ features. Let us inform you that adding a host of features neither makes an actuator smart nor efficient. Given the demand for low-loading and high-end applications, smart actuators should deliver kinetic energy with proper control.

If normal electric actuators get a point for discussion, then we can replenish the sub-points with the technical deficiencies regarding control, where levers and hand wheels are used. At different times, these kinds of controls are impractical and motorized concepts should replace the control mechanism.

The industry faces an acute shortage of modern-designed actuators for fulfilling their operational requirements. As of now, if you can find ‘smart’ and lightweight and versatile designs of electric valve actuators, you should test for your suitability and specific requirements. A transition from old to new technology isn’t impossible here. For example, old actuators can also latest process controllers for meeting automated standards. You need to have an eye for these unique introductions in the industry.

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